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The Peastraw Boys was founded in 2012 to serve the  garden needs of our local Tauranga neighbourhood & to continue supplying our existing clients in the farming and horse racing industries.

The Peastraw Boys continues to grow & to service the needs of our neighbouring communities.

Graham takes care of the ordering & distribution of all hay & straw & along with Judith Otto delivers to our local clients on a weekly basis.

Managing Director

Graham Barrell

Delivery Team  

Graham Barrell & Judith Otto 


Pauline Barrell

Graham Barrell Managing Director

Graham is the managing director of The Peastraw Boys and for the past 10 years has been selling pea straw & hay to local gardeners & farmers throughout the North Island.


After 30 years as a stock agent dealing in sheep and cattle, Graham had a change in his environment and his career and moved into the hospitality industry.  In recent years Graham moved back into the rural scene as sales and distribution co-ordinator for hay and straw serving the needs of farmers & the equine industry and pea straw to local gardeners & garden centres.

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